Professional ebXML Foundations

ebXML is a framework of specifications that enables businesses to collaborate electronically using XML-based technologies. The framework comprises modular components, addressing each of the key functions required to implement a complete e-business solution.

These functions include: defining business processes and associated roles and activities, creating and publishing business profiles in a registry, storing business information in a repository, searching for other business partners, agreeing trading protocols, creating business documents, and sending them via secure and reliable messaging systems. ebXML is open, interoperable, and affordable. Maintained by industry consortia (OASIS and UN/CEFACT) and based on XML, it allows companies to benefit from electronic trading via a global network regardless of size or geographical location, both within and across industries.

This book covers:

  • An overview of electronic business and the interrelation of the ebXML framework components
  • Modeling business processes and documents with ebXML BPSS, UMM, and XML Schemas
  • Defining trading profiles and setting up collaborative agreements with ebXML CPP/CPA
  • Attracting and discovering business partners using ebXML Registry/Repository or UDDI
  • Creating business message payloads using ebXML Core Components, XML, and non-XML content
  • Transporting messages using ebXML Messaging Services, SOAP, JMS, and JAXM
  • Implementing secure, flexible ebXML solutions
  • Real world case studies

Wrox Press Inc
isbn 1861005903

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