Try the Dutch OpenStack Swift with JavaSwift JOSS

JOSS and OpenStack Swift. All very nice, but with no service provider in the Netherlands, a bit of a moot point. Not any more, though. If you have your e-business in the Netherlands, it might be interesting for you to know that OpenStack Swift is now available here, brought to you by CloudVPS.

Mockito / PowerMock vs JMockit

If you are on the verge of choosing between Mockito and JMockit, this article will help you understand why you should pick JMockit. When aiming for a Java codebase which is well-covered with unit tests, you are certain to run into mocking frameworks. The two most popular ones are Mockito and JMockit. Mockito, the successor to the older EasyMock, teams up with PowerMock to have complete functionality. JMockit, an ambitious young library aiming for nothing less than taking Mockito's place, works all by itself.

Recovering from database constraint violations in Java

It is very difficult to recover from a database constraint violation in Java applications, due to the lacking SQL exception API. JaRB offers an exception translator that converts any constraint related SQL exception into a rich constraint violation exception, providing all desired information by API. It is even possible to map constraints to a custom exception, greatly simplifying the recovery of violations.