Fragile Agile explained

In my last blog post I wrote about the card game Fragile Agile. This post contains an explanation of the game.

For the PDF version of the manual, check out our landing page.

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Securing Stateless Web Service with Spring Security 3 and Crowd

With the help of Spring Security is the process of securing web application made simple. But to secure a stateless web service there are some parts that need to work differently or even some customizations. In this article I will discuss how to do this with the combination of Crowd as the user directories.

Connecting to a JVM programmatically

A JVM has a lot of information which can be enclosed by JMX. But how to get this information from a JVM and how to find the JVM’s running on a system?

This blog describes how this can be done by code running on the same system as the JVM’s from which information is needed.

Fragile Agile - a cardgame on quality in software development

Quality is a hard concept to get across. People who experienced its lack have learned to appreciate its presence. It is generally only noticed when missing, or when contrasted with its opposite.