When Random isn't as Random as expected

I like to write computer games and games tend to be more fun with some random chance throw in. However I also like to write unit tests and unit tests and random behavior don’t mix very well. Fortunately is the java.util.Random class a pseudo random generator and as long as you put in the same initial value (the so called seed) you get the same sequence of ‘random’ numbers.

Confluence 3.5 Released: Embed Multimedia and Code

Confluence 3.5 delivers HTML5 supported Drag and Drop, a new Multimedia Macro and a vastly improved Code Macro letting you create richer content, faster, to share with others.

Javascript eval problematiek

"Eval is evil" is een van de belangrijke uitspraken van Douglas Crockford, en toch kom je het eval-statement nog wel eens tegen. De laatste tijd ben ik het 2 keer tegengekomen, en bij beide keren leerde ik een nieuwe reden om eval evil te noemen. Dus hierbij deel ik die ervaringen.

Matching made easy - Hamcrest

Hamcrest is a framework that enables the usage of “matchers”. Matchers, also known as specifications, are used to describe (business) requirements, on which objects can be checked.