Using Speakeasy for integration

Speakeasy is a new extension mechanism for Atlassian Products, like JIRA and Confluence, which could be compared with a combination of Gmail Labs and Greasemonkey. Speakeasy allows you to write easy and lightweight extension using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Speakeasy is an addition to the normal plugin system, the normal plugin system can and should still be used for heavy modifications and full applications on top of the products. Although Speakeasy isn't released publicly yet, a developer preview is available.

After a short discussion on our internal Confluence it was clear that URLs for the different applications in our system landscape were not as widely known as we thought. This is the point where Speakeasy came to the rescue and an Application Bar was created. Within 10 minutes the first draft was up and running and feedback was already posted on Confluence.

After some tweaking, mostly in styling, we added the extension to both Confluence and JIRA created a consistent look-and-feel.

Application Bar In Confluence

Application Bar in JIRA

We can’t wait till Speakeasy is publicly released and becomes available in more of Atlassian’s products!

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