HTML and CSS workshop for JAVA developers

When it comes to writing Java applications, 42 maintains a high standard of quality. Strict coding standards, (aiming for) 99% test coverage and constant code reviews has brought our Java development to a completely new level. Having reached our goals for the Java side of things, it was time for us to focus on the front-end aspect of software development.

Together with Lodewijk Schutte (@low, http// we have prepared a total of 6 workshops on HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which all our developers will attend over the course of 2011. These workshops are meant to get our Java developers up to speed with standards, guidelines, best practices and general knowledge in the front-end domain to enable them to deliver high quality HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

The first workshop was mainly to create common ground on HTML and CSS within 42. For some colleagues the workshop confirmed their knowledge was up to date, for others it was an eye-opener. Here are some comments we received from participants of the workshop.

Very useful workshop, because HTML and CSS are becoming more and more important in our field of work.

A pragmatic workshop which allows people to pick up information at their own level of experience. From semantic HTML5 to CSS

When building a web-application it is important to know something about every layer in the application. This workshop is a must even for die-hard Java developers.

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