JOSS and Cloudie join forces @

Providing Java tools for dealing with OpenStack Storage aka Swift, that is the mission of Erik Hooijmeijer and Robert Bor have decided to join forces by combining JOSS and Cloudie into this single open source organization.

Currently, Java Swift has two projects:

  • JOSS; Java library for accessing a Swift server

  • Cloudie; graphical user interface for interacting with a Swift server


As you may already know, JOSS is a Java library for accessing OpenStack Storage (aka Swift) servers. Swift has its own REST API which JOSS offers a binding for. On top of that, JOSS offers mock functionality, so that developers can develop against the API without requiring an actual or realtime connection to a Swift server.

JOSS has been successfully adopted in a commercial project which has served as a trial for the Swift server implementation at CloudVPS. The library is currently at version 0.7.1 and will be released as 1.0.0 as soon as the trial period has officially ended and JOSS has stood the trial of having been in production for more than four months.


There is nothing quite like a visual explorer to see what is really going on at an infrastructure layer. Cloudie aims to be that visual explorer for a Swift server and successfully so. At 42, the software has been used to check what has been stored, what the headers look like, manually fix settings, or upload/download items. What Windows Explorer is for a Windows computer, Cloudie is for a Swift server.

Cloudie has been open-sourced recently is and is built on top of the JOSS library. If you are on a Swift server, you can easily give it a spin by checking it out and running it against your Swift account.

The projects can be followed on github, just follow the links on the websites. If you have suggestions for the tooling, please drop us a line. We love to hear from you!

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