CSS3, lightning talks and foosball on KTM

Last Wednesday, June 22th, 42 had its quarterly KTM (acronym for Knowledge Transfer Meeting), a day packed with technology, business updates and food with drinks (or maybe the other way around).

The morning part of the KTM was all about the second part of our frontend development workshops, the first of which was two months ago. Last time we left our developers with a general knowledge about semantic HTML and CSS and now we were about to amaze them with CSS3 selectors, properties and some amazing media queries.

Together with @Low, we made a workshop with a good mix between theory and its application in real life. In just three hours we enriched the wineshop demo website with some nth-childs, gradients and other great new CSS3 properties. The icing on the cake was the implementation of a media query where a simple resize of the website changed the look and feel of our shop.

The afternoon was scheduled with some business updates and 6 snappy 15-minutes talks with topics like: GIT, JaRB, Spring Security, JIRA Bonfire and an amazing talk from Erik Hooijmeijer who developed a complete game in just 15 minutes. LIVE! While he was entertaining us with his talk at the same time! Amazing.

After all the technical talks it was time for the food, drinks and foosball!! We were fortunate to have a great photographer in our midst, so we asked Ilona Bregard to shoot some impressions of this KTM.

Impression of the KTM

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