Combining JPA and Excel to generate testdata for the database

The situation may be all to familiar: you have one or a number of SQL scripts to generate testdata for your database. However, the scripts have a tendency to grow stale quickly whenever the database and model change. Furthermore, the testdata has not been validated by the model and could conceivably be "impossible", such as a status that cannot exist or a value that is stored in the wrong format. The scripts are dragged along during the life of the application and often locally replaced by other solutions, such as in-code Java testdata.

Basically, what we are looking at is a disconnect between the SQL scripts and the model. The SQL scripts are usually tested on creation, but then fail to keep up with changes. When they are run, they are run late, and therefore give error feedback late in the process, where it becomes more expensive to fix.

Traditional testdata paradigm

At 42 we have worked on a JPA-aware solution to read testdata from an Excel file and store the values in the database. The net effect is that the testdata suddenly becomes a first class citizen in the application domain.

Testdata as a first class citizen of the application domain

This setup has now been tried on one of our projects and proven by doing a round robin from Excel to database and back again. The approach works very well for us. We have accrued a number of tangible advantages with this approach:/p>

    the data is validated by the model before persistence

  • the structure and syntax of all the testdata files are checked against the model by dry-running the scripts during the unit tests

  • the scripts are easier to maintain by non-developers, though still require technical affiliation

  • complex test scenarios are more easy to set up for unit tests

The solution has been developed by two trainees from the Haagse Hogeschool—thank you, Willem Eppen and Sander Benschop. The tool needs further refurbishment before release. If you are a looking for a development traineeship and this assignment looks challenging enough for you, contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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  1. David Zaremby25/4/13 17:56

    In reference to Robert Bor's blog post, 'Combining JPA and Excel to generate testdata for the database':

    Did this project ever go anywhere? We are interested in doing something similar and I was wondering if the project is available for use.

    Thank you.